Delivering Excellence



Delivering Excellence

KSB Shipyard stands for maximum quality in attaining desired productivity, flexibility, as well as cost reduction on all our activities.

We are not hesitant towards investing in our organisational development, and along with our committed teams, we strive in delivering consistent quality.


Vessels Build by KSB Shipyard

We do not compromise quality on any of our vessels, and that is the least we can assure the result of reliability and sustainability of our products. We build and equip each vessel with its deserved high quality materials and systems, which in turn give us the KSB Shipyard a reputation of delivering excellent performance vessels throughout its lifecycle.


We can deliver our standard designs, and at the same time dedicative in tailoring each vessels to customer final specific requirements. In achieving optimal performance, our production collaborates with the most favourable designs to bring the significant effective function of our end product. Where possible, our production also puts the analytical development into the design to achieve our promised quality that can last throughout the entire ship’s lifecycle.



Absolute Commitment

Our commitment to high quality is highly regarded, and so as customer feedback is important to our progressive improvement. We want to develop our position in these ever changing markets, in providing contemporary products technologies and in accordance to each customer’s requirements. Our commitments towards quality allow our customer to achieve most desired satisfaction in their operations.


Our production process is crucial and we want to maintain our quality levels, by recognising every prospect within our supply chain: 

  • Contemporary design and capabilities with devoted professional
  • Strong and committed relationships within internal and external teams to achieve productivity
  • Exemplary quality check control and monitoring tools and audits as an International benchmark
  • Our sole and utmost recognition for productivity is our assets, our people, and laws.

Our continuous desire for information drives our key management to vision, at the same time contribute to the advancement and sustain our achievements.