A Company, A Community, A KSB

1st Principle:

We comply with laws and ethical standards

(Competition, Obeying the Law)

All of KSB Entities must obey Indonesian laws and regulations, and in compliance to international business standards.

KSB Shipyard conducts our operations in accordance with the principles of fair competition and all applicable competition laws.

2nd Principle:

We maintain a clean organisational structure

(Business Integrity, Safeguard Information and Assets)

As KSB Shipyard integral practices, integrity is the basic foundation and any forms of unethical business practice within the companies are intolerable. No employee may receive or offer any forms of payments and gifts in which may manifest as bribery.

KSB is resolute in particularly, phasing out any sign of money laundering, fraud and illegal financing. KSB endeavour to safeguard every intellectual property rights of the company and personal data, for which every transfer is subject to management approval.

3rd Principle: We respect customers and employees


At KSB Shipyard, clear and open communication within the organisation is expected throughout any aspects of the working environment. With the basic foundation of respect and fair treatment, KSB believes the employees are the biggest and most worthy asset.

As much important an employee is to us, we value greatly our customer and their satisfactions in our business activities. KSB is also committed to establish ideal working environments by:

  • Promoting equal opportunities for every employees
  • Providing safe working conditions that are in compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Eliminating any form of harassment and illegal labour.
  • Establishing ethical working conditions throughout all segments of the organisation.

4th Principle:

We care for the environment, health and safety

(Community at Large)

As KSB aims efficient production, we pay substantial management view in establishing proper employee health, safety and environment.

KSB contributions towards community are greatly reflected in our Environmental Care.

5th Principle:

We aim to be the market leader nationally and internationally

(International Standard Quality)

In every aspect of our business, KSB dedicates our utmost commitment, making a constant effort for development as the industry’s renowned and leading shipbuilder.